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Write the damn thing.

Sleep mocks me. No matter how tired I am, I cannot seem to fall asleep before a witching hour each night. I would blame just the wedding, but that’s not the sole culprit. Cycles of various topics, from wedding to work to wedding to writing to reading to wedding to life to friends to family […]

We’ve been engaged how long?? [Guest Post for The Broke-Ass Bride]

One whole year. Yes, that is correct. Jersey and I have been engaged since Sept 2, 2013. Time positively has grown wings, because it certainly does not feel that long since that sweet, adorable night. But on the other hand, when I think about all the planning efforts and accomplishments (and our REMAINING TO-DO LIST), […]

What happens when you shoot your engagement pics in August. In Georgia. [Guest post, Broke-Ass Bride]

Hi all! I’m back (and way better than the last time you heard from me!)!! But then again, it’s hard not to be happy when almost all your favorite people fly into your town and your collective tribe spoils you rotten with bridal luncheons, makeup sessions, gifts galore and the mostest kick-ass bachelorette celebration ever! […]